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Have an idea for an app but dont know where to start?

Making apps requires more than writing code.

Turning an idea into a product requires experience
and knowledge that crosses multiple disciples.

Where To Start

It's important to understand that turning ideas into
real world products requires answering tough questions.

Is my idea developed enough to turn into a product?

How should I build this product and who can help me build it?

Does this product offer someone enough value to make it worth my time and money?

There are many more questions that need answering.
Knowing which questions to ask is half the battle.
Your first challenge is to find someone
who can help you answer those questions.

Hi, I'm Rulian

I think and write a lot about the software building process.

I've been making software for over 15 years. I've seen the pitfalls that have sunk many passionate entrepreneurs in the past.

I specialize in creating Proof of Concepts (POC) and Minimum Viable Products (MVP).

When you are bootstrapping an idea. Waste is your biggest enemy.
Resources are limited, using your time and money wisely takes working with someone who removes as much of the guess work as possible, identifies risks and avoids problems.

I can help you avoid those pitfalls and get your product in the hands of users faster.

The Ye Olde Process

Let's start with a quick phone call to understand the process and chat about what you're trying to achieve.

Next I try to understand your value prop and user base.
All apps provide features, what those features achieve for your user the value they extract from your app.

Understanding your value and market, we can create a road map, a plan to test your idea in the market with as little waste as possible.

Focusing on reducing what is built to the absolute minimum you need in order to engage your users is how we develop your MVP.

Once we have a roadmap, we establish requirements - design, development & timelines.

This is the where you begin to watch your creation take shape and your ideas come to life.

Ye Olde Works

Task Guide

Website, dashboard, integrations, API

Task Guide was built from the ground up using an API driven Vue application. Built over the course of 2 months. The MVP was to enable users to create teams, checklists and share tasks in real time.

Trust Wisely App

iOS App, Android App, API, Website

Trust Wisely was built to protect positions when two people are negotiating a price. Built with React Native, the project took about 4 weeks from concept to launch encompassing mobile design, development and API integration.

Dev Invoice

Dashboard, Invoice App, command line tool, API

Dev Invoice (formally effortless invoices) was drawn from a simple idea. Convert the git commits developers use day to day to create an estimated time log to allow for easy invoicing for web developers.
Taking about 3 months of development in Vue and Laravel. The most interesting part was the command line tool which gather git logs, and github integration to allow import of logs.

Get In Touch

I'll be happy to chat about your ideas, questions or doubts with no strings attached. I'm happy to help fellow builders find their path.

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